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Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani in Lombok, a 3,726 m high active volcano, is one of the highest mountains of Indonesia. The mountain and its satellites form the Rinjani National Park. Rinjani erupted three times in 2010 with ash rising up to two km into the atmosphere. For the people of Lombok, Sasak as Balinese, the volcano is a sacred place and abode of gods. The crater lake is the destination of thousands of pilgrims who offer sacrifices in the water.

Mount Rinjani is the recommended choice for hikers. Rinjani offers adventure and great scenery. You can visit waterfalls, caves and hot springs. And the fauna changes from tropical rainforest at the beginning of your trek, to European like forests in the middle that change to alpine flora above the tree line. Here hikers will even see the Eternal Flower or Edelweiss, which must not be taken.
However, Mount Rinjani is not an easy trekking tour. See our info-box and have a safe journey.

Mount Rinjani can be accessed via Senaru or via Sembalung. Sembalun Lawang is a traditional village set in an ancient caldera to the east of Mount Rinjani. This is the preferred starting point for summiteers. Senaru is an 2.5 hours' drive away from Mataram and Senggigi. This is the main access to the Rinjani National Park. The Rinjani Trek Centre is located here, offering ecotourism activities, and visitor information.

Be aware the Rinjani National Park might be closed during the rainy season from December to March due to bad weather and landslides. In addition, access to some sections of the Mountain might be closed due to volcanic activities of Rinjani.

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INFO: equipment

Technically, the mountain is easy to climb up, but however, a very high level of fitness is necessary. Proper hiking boots are an absolute must, as is a substantial waterproof and windproof jacket. The use of walking sticks is recommended. And if you are going to the summit, a head lamp and hand gloves are useful.
It gets very cold on the mountain above 2,000 meters and nears freezing at the summit. Warm clothing is an absolute must. Be prepared for rain and strong winds.


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